Some Kind of Ride

Just before I launched myself on yet another adventure, dear friends gave me a copy of Brian Andreas’s Traveling Light. My life’s been richer ever since. I now have a collection of StoryPeople books and start every day with one of the whimsical stories Andreas sends to his subscribers. (Click here to sign on.) Now I’ve also become one of his thousands of Facebook fans and plan to check out his blog.

Back in the days when I was working for a large bureaucracy, loving my job but sometimes bogged down in the molasses of The Way Things Are, my screen saver was one of Brian Andreas’s little stories: “feels like some kind of ride but it turns out just to be life going absolutely perfectly.”

Here’s good advice from the StoryPeople Web site:

We believe the power of stories will bring a new world into being. It’s the work we do and it’s work that matters to us. To all of us. Tell your stories. Listen to the stories others tell. Imagine without limit. Remind & inspire & remember.

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