The Story of a Sign

As this 5:55-minute video opens, a blind beggar sits by his hand-lettered sign as people walk by. Some toss coins. Most ignore him.

We see a businessman, carrying a briefcase, walking toward the square. Will he give the man a coin? Walk by? We know the juxtaposition of rich and poor is important to the story, but we don’t know how until the end.

I don’t want to give this one away so will only say that this beautiful little film is a good example of how changing the story can change the outcome.

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Rena Chase - January 29, 2010

Dearest Cathryn,

Just viewed the video “Change the story change the outcome”. Thank you. Now I will explore the riches of your beautiful website.



storyroute admin - January 30, 2010

Thank you so much, Rena. What a delight to see your name here. You are still very much missed in Kelowna.

bertha reilly - January 31, 2010

thanks cathryn, wonderful story. glad to see you are still storytelling, as am I a little bit. still doing a bit with stagebridge.

storyroute admin - January 31, 2010

I think of my time at Stagebridge often, and when I do, I think of you, your delicious sense of humor shining through your stories, and how welcome you made me feel. Cathryn

Carla Holm - February 1, 2010

Thank You Cathryn for the beautifully done short film. It shows that there are some REAL and CARING human beings in the world. I will think twice about giving to the sign- holding person on the street.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Michelle - February 1, 2010

Got me in the guts. I will make a huge effort to enjoy my own beautiful day, for all that it is to me.

janis thompson - February 5, 2010

catherine – that was lovely – thank you – shows me how just a different view of a situation can make all the difference – thank you

storyroute admin - February 6, 2010

The video link came to me just when I was looking for a metaphor for why I believe that changing the story can, indeed, change the outcome. I’m so glad you took the time to look at it, Janis.

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