Pop or drop: telling your organization’s story

During years of work in the field of community development, I’ve seen fantastic projects that popped with excitement. Even if their funders changed focus, the intrepid project leaders managed to tell the project’s story in a way that kept the dollars flowing in. Others dropped out of sight once initial funding ended.

There are many reasons some community projects are a brief flash and others glow on for years. But one thing that can improve the odds is storytelling.

It isn’t enough to do good work. You have to tell the story—to funders, media, clients, municipal government, and all the other audiences who can support the work.

There are lots of ways to go about that. We’ll explore some of them on Story Route and through links to the work of some talented story practitioners.

As a start, here’s a PowerPoint Theresa Healy and I prepared back in 2003 for a workshop we were doing with diabetes projects. The tips in it are still worth trying so we’re happy to share it with you here.

©2010 Cathryn Wellner and Theresa Healy

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gwen steele - May 26, 2010

Hi Cathryn,
I just tried to look at your diabetes workshop powerpoint and all I can get is the cover. What do i need to do to see the rest of it? I think I could use some of your tips for OXA!

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