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Lisa's e-booklet is available on her Story Coach site

Lisa's e-booklet is available on her Story Coach site

Story practitioners of every stripe work with individuals and organizations to craft the narratives that will sell their services, attract clients, build trust, and impact a company’s culture or bottom line. For Story Coach Inc.‘s Lisa Bloom finding the compelling story is key to success. Subscribers to Lisa’s business-building e-zine, “Kachanga!”, receive a free copy of her booklet, “5 Common Mistakes People Make that a Good Story Can Fix”.

The five mistakes Lisa singles out are:

  1. Confusing your audience
  2. Alienating your audience by using marketing and sales language
  3. Not giving your audience clear direction
  4. Not connecting emotionally with your audience
  5. Not sharing your passion—leaving your audience cold

The solution to all these mistakes is to craft a compelling story. The how-to of that crafting is what Story Coach offers, including teleseminars that meet the requirements for continuing education credits through Continuing Coaching Education, International Coach Federation.

In the November 12, 2009 issue of IAC Voice (blog of the International Association of Coaching), Lisa writes:

Businesses in every industry, including coaching, are discovering that as we develop our storytelling skills, we learn how to better market our services by creating our own compelling story–the authentic story of what we can offer. It is the story that people remember, it is the story that has the potential to attract clients, it is the story that is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective business tool.

Likewise, as we develop advanced “storylistening” skills, we can better understand the stories that our prospective clients tell us. From that, our sales and marketing process becomes more exact and this helps us grow our business and break through to a new level of success.

Check out Lisa’s Web site and blog for more.

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