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Greg Morris is another of the story practitioners whose work I follow. So it isn’t just because he posted an excerpt from Soaring on the wings of a story that I’m writing about him here. (Anyway, that post was on another of my blogs, Catching Courage.)

The reason I want to make sure you visit Greg’s site, What’s Your Story?, is that he regularly publishes brief excerpts from an astonishing array of storytelling resources. For example, the June 7, 2010, posting links to articles on “Why Story Trumps Craft”, why those who decry the end of storytelling are misguided, the phenomenon of creative nonfiction, and a lot more.

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What's Your Story finds stories everywhere (Office Tools photo courtesy of Photos8.com)

In addition to the regular storytelling updates, Greg offers listings of some excellent resources. Those wanting to learn how storytelling can benefit their businesses and their lives can sign up for consulting sessions or workshops and classes.

The ranks of story practitioners have expanded since the days when I reinvented myself as one. I didn’t even know there was a name for it back then. All I knew was that I was a performing storyteller living too far from audiences, with livestock and a farm to look after—and the accompanying bills to pay.

Annette Simmons was the first bonafide story practitioner whose work I discovered. Now there are a lot more, and we all benefit from the high quality work so many of them do.

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Gregg Morris - June 7, 2010

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this Cathryn. I am humbled. And speechless, which those who know me will attest is a difficult state to get me in. I have been a fan of yours since I first came across this site. I was not aware of the Catching Courage site until today when I posted that story. And what a wonderfully uplifting story about the power of storytelling it was. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us all and thank you again for the kind words.

Best wishes,


storyroute admin - June 7, 2010

I’m definitely the other half of a mutual-admiration society here, Greg. Your site is a gem, one I want to be sure everyone knows about.

Lanita Moen - June 7, 2010

Thank you, Cathryn, for adding me to your storytelling list. I have enjoyed it and will share it with a couple friends who I know will enjoy it, too.
It is great to keep up with you after meeting you on the cruise to Australia….actually to New Zealand for us.
Bob and I are enjoying our retirement and have taken a couple extended trips but will be close to home for many months due to illnesses in my immediate family.

storyroute admin - June 7, 2010

We still remember fondly the day we hired a taxi and had a day’s adventure together. Thanks for the comment on the blog. Seeing your name made me smile.

jeanne haynes - June 9, 2010

DEar Cathryn – too often Im too busy to check out your plentiful wonderful articles. But every once in while one catches me. Like the one about the artist who took her own life. I forwarded that to my daughter’s mother-in=law who was so greatful to receive it. Her mother in law -who we all lovingly called “Grandma Joan” – took her own life at the same age and also in the best of health. It shattered the family. She did it without ever letting on to anyone which was an amazing fete in itself. It’s left me occassionaly pondering this major decision, as now at 71 and single, I wonder how long I have to be as active and healthy as I am now. And way too busy at the moment,but…
there are considerations. I think I’d let my family in on it though so they wouldn’t be in such shock and guilt – especially the guilt of it all. love to you and admiring so all that you do. xx’sJeanne

storyroute admin - June 9, 2010

For Story Route readers who want to read the post Jeanne is referring to, it can be found on Catching Courage, http://catchingcourage.com/2010/06/02/courage-or-cowardice/

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