What color/colour are your stories?

Artist Isa D’Arleans is originally from France but has made her home in Seattle for many years. I met her when visiting a friend there. She is vivacious, talented, and a deep pool of thought.

Recently, she started a blog, Live In Colors that explores what it means to be fully alive. She is also refreshingly candid. Recently she was interviewed by King5 TV in Seattle and spoke of a long, dry spell—how she endured it, what it meant, how she is emerging.

So when Isa asked me to write a guest post for Live In Colors, I thought about what colors meant in terms of my own storytelling and what storytelling means in terms of living fully, vibrantly, joyously.

Here’s a brief excerpt from “Stories color our lives”:

Paint Dripping

What color are your stories? (Paint Dripping, courtesy of Photos8.com)

When I’m feeling blue, I tell stories about sad times, poignant times, bring-on-a-tear times. When I’m happy I spin sunny-yellow stories about successful times, joyous times, life’s-a-bowl-of-cherries times. If I see red, I tell stories of anger, of betrayal, of how-could-you-do-it-to-me disappointment.

We all do that because storytelling is in our bones, our breath, our DNA. We are story-making animals. We figure a child has acquired language when she can string together sentences in a rudimentary narrative with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

The rest of the post can be found here.

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