Overturning stereotypes with a new story

It might seem a stretch to include this video in the Story Route blog, but it seems to me this is the kind of story that can completely upend stereotypes and spur creation of a new story.

Things have changed a great deal since I picked up a skipping rope and began jumping away. That was decades ago, at a time when boys would not have been caught dead doing something so, well, girlie.

I’d like to think that’s one more stereotype that has crumbled, one more story about female inferiority that no longer tracks. The faces of the men in the US Naval Academy audience tell me otherwise.

As the fourth- through eight-grade girls begin their rope-skipping routine, the camera pans to a lot of jeers among the guys in the crowd. Less than eight minutes later, those same guys are giving a standing ovation to the Kings Firecrackers.

I have a hunch a lot of those fellows have told the story over and over, of how they couldn’t understand why such a stupid halftime show was being offered. But the story will likely have a twist, of their gradual realization they were watching young athletes with incredible skill, coordination and strength.

And maybe the story’s lesson will spill over into other attitudes, making the world a better place as these girls grow into womanhood.

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Carol Mason - July 3, 2010

Wow. Top athletes in any field would have trouble performing that routine for a few minutes?

Storytelling Stereotypes, Listening, Influence, Story Elements, Marketing, & More - July 5, 2010

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Michael Margolis - July 5, 2010

Love it Cathryn! Thanks for sharing this with us. My favorite trick was the big giant flower effect in the center. Really appreciate your perspective to go with it.

Storytelling Transmedia, Visual, Stereotypes, Plot, Hyperlocal, Conflict & More - July 23, 2010

[…] Overturning stereotypes with a new story […]

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