Tugging the heart with an ad story

I generally consider myself fairly immune to advertising, but the ads for Apple’s FaceTime app for iPhone4 makes me want to run right out and buy this smart phone. And I don’t even carry a cell phone.

What so successfully bypasses my normal resistance is the stories. In this series of ads we people separated by distance who are connecting via FaceTime. A young woman tells her delighted husband he is going to be a dad. A new grandfather sees his son’s baby for the first time. The father of a teen with new braces gets her to crack a smile. A boyfriend reassures his girlfriend her new haircut is cute. And a series of people missing each other get to see and talk to the people they love.

Each small vignette is a piece of a larger story, and every one of them tugged at my heart.

Using stories to sell products is nothing new, but occasionally an ad campaign comes along that uses them particularly effectively. These Apple ads are in that category.

I’m not going to run out and buy an iPhone4. After all, FaceTime only works if the person you want to talk with also has Apple’s latest smart phone and the FaceTime app.

But I’m tempted.

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Michelle Jarman - July 14, 2010

I liked them all but the last one got me in the guts! 🙂

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