Teaching storytelling with a story

Kathy Hansen has been searching for the Holy Grail of storytelling in presentations. You can follow the search in her excellent blog, A Storied Career. Today she thinks maybe she has found it.

Her quest led her to Servant of Chaos and the presentation Gavin Heaton created to train young citizen journalists how to tell stories with social media.

Storytelling for Social Media” begins with the story of a girl who wrote a message on a balloon: “Please return to Laura Buxton.” The balloon’s flight sets in motion an astonishing chain of circumstances that Heaton uses to show how social media can be used in “creating the coincidences that lead to an emotional connection.”

You can watch the presentation below, but don’t stop there. Heaton’s Web site is a stimulating exploration of a wide variety of trending topics.

[The Mad Men episode he used in the presentation is disabled, but you can still view it online by clicking on this link.]

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