Video conversations tap storytelling techniques

Friends of the Earth have created a very powerful short plea for the “men in suits” to act on what they already know to avert disaster due to climate change. Using a child as narrator and some clever visual storytelling, the video is a graphic summary of the problem and the need for urgency.

I found this through a new Twitter friend, Nick Kellet. He’s CMO and Product Strategist for HuStream, a company that “mixes human psychology video wizardry and web-based technology to redefine viewer engagement.” Browsing around their site gave me all kinds of ideas for using storytelling for promoting, informing and inspiring.

One very exciting example is a “video conversation” that features children from a school that raised $16,000 for a project called “Free the Children“. A second example is a promo video for Isagenix’s Beyond Courage personal development retreat.

There are lots more good examples on the Friends of the Earth YouTube Channel and on HuStream. Have to say I’m proud to know the latter is a company right here in my own home town of Kelowna, British Columbia.

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Nick Kellet - September 4, 2010

The kids have also started a Facebook fan page!

It really is an amazing story. We just got involved to record the outcome.

The kids are just so amazing on video


storyroute admin - September 4, 2010

The kids had an incredible story to tell. You enabled them to tell it. That’s magic. (P.S. Nick, I changed the FB link – thanks for the correction.)

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