How stories came to be

Since 1860 the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) has granted annual awards to talented students. This year the RDS Taylor Award was given to Laura Dowling for her video animation, Storytellers of Ireland.

Northern Irish storyteller Liz Weir brought the animated video to my attention, and I was immediately enchanted. As Laura takes us through an atmospheric scene populated by characters from many tales, she writes that stories were invented “to answer the great unanswerable questions”.

In just three minutes she captures the wonder and mystery of storytelling, that power of a great tale or legend “to bring a hush to a room, a catch to the breath, a leap to the curious heart”.

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Rebecca - October 12, 2010

Great vid —- creative, inspiring, and enticing.
Thanks for passing it along.

laura dowling - December 10, 2010

Thank you so much for posting this, delighted that you enjoyed it!

storyroute admin - December 10, 2010

Your video is a gem and deserved the award. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of your work in future!

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