It’s A Book

A few months ago I blogged about my growing interest in acquiring an e-reader (Edging ever closer to an e-reader). What prompted that was watching a couple trailers on Moving Tales. I was so enchanted I was almost ready to run out and buy an iPad, just so I could download the app.

Reason prevailed. So did the stacks of books I keep borrowing from the library. I’m a seven-minute walk from a building jam packed with amazing books, and the only thing it costs me to read them is a bit of shoe leather.

I’ve no doubt there’s an e-reader in my future some day, but not now. I have so many books beside the bed, crowded on shelves, and waiting for me at the library, I’ll never come to the end of them. In the meantime, I read the occasional e-book on my laptop, thanks to PDFs and Kindle software. And I curl up in bed with a good book.

For all you bibliophiles out there, here’s something to make you smile, thanks to Macmillan (who make it available in printed form), Lane Smith (who wrote and illustrated it), and YouTube, where this wonderful little film can be viewed, along with trailers for other Macmillan children’s books. Then head on over to Lane Smith’s blog to read about how the book came to be, a fascinating story.

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