Selling experience

Marketing is an interesting field. I’m thinking about that a lot these days, in relationship to storytelling, because I’m reading Raf Stevens’s new book, No Story, No Fans (which I’ll review here soon). He writes,

We live in an experience economy. The experience economy is about people looking for thrills and experiences, and companies selling those as if they were an economic product.

That’s what Sharp is selling in this ad for its Touch Wood SH-08C handsets. The video is a three-minute experience that is absolutely captivating. Right up to the end, there is not a hint of what they are selling. It sells an experience you will not soon forget. And not only is it a small story in itself, you will probably be telling the story of the ad to friends.

In case you haven’t yet seen the video, I won’t give away anything except a promise if you watch the video, you will feel as it it was three minutes well spent.

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Linda - November 6, 2011

I’m speechless.

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