Love Potions, Lotions & Lore: A review

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As Valentine’s Day nears, hearts are appearing everywhere. My favourite chocolate shop has brought out the heart-shaped molds. The card shop a few doors down from it is a sea of red. Just beyond those shops, a bakery is readying heart-shaped cookies.

So the timing is right for Folkheart Press to release a new e-book: LOVE Potions, Lotions & Lore. Download it from Amazon’s Kindle Store for your sweetheart, and send it as a gift to friends and family. At 99¢, it will cost you less than a card and offer more lasting pleasure.

The e-book is an anthology of essays, short fiction, poetry and art exploring the many facets of love. Like a box of chocolates, it offers a mix that will appeal to a variety of tastes.

It is likely a reflection of my decades on the planet that some of my favourites mingle love and loss. In “Circle of Life”, David Templeton shares his struggle to help his young children deal with their mother’s death. He stumbles onto an explanation that answers the most troubling question they pose to him—why their mother died when she promised she wouldn’t.

J. Dietrich Stroeh, who lost his beloved wife later in life, learned to embrace joy and love again. His experience particularly touches me because I think it could help ease the heart of a friend who lost her spouse and expects to spend the rest of her life in mourning.

Among the short stories sprinkled through the collection, I was particularly drawn to Karen Pierce Gonzalez’s “Dreamland Café”, with its intergenerational love between the narrator and Aunt Ellie. The art works of Sara Bell, Ron Petty and Pia Barksdale add touches more delicious than cherries atop a Black Forest cake. Poetry is the icing between the layers.

Karen Pierce Gonzalez weaves the folklore of love through the collection. Read them and you will understand why monasteries banned chocolate in the 17th century and what apple stems reveal about prospective husbands.

The other contributors add to the tastiness of the collection. As with any anthology, some readers will be drawn to the bitter chocolate, while others will prefer their choices sweetened.

Download the e-book before the day of love. Pick your favourites, and share them with loved ones. Less costly than a card, with fewer calories than chocolates, LOVE Potions, Lotions & Lore also offers love in another way, with proceeds going to the National Center for Family Literacy.

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Pia - February 4, 2013

Love this! What a great book!

storyroute admin - February 4, 2013

Your contribution is one of the reasons it is so good, Pia!

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