Qualcomm’s clever bus-stop campaign

Storytelling is the buzzword for ad writers these days. Occasionally one of them is so good at it their campaign not only works as a marketing tool, it also goes viral.

Qualcomm’s Born Mobile is one of those. The company posted signs on a New York bus stop, with a URL for the ad campaign. Those who tried it might be picked up by a sports car, a circus bus or a husky-pulled sled.

Another transportation option was a puppy-filled bus, spreading smiles and licks and cuddles. Watch these two, and then check out the Lamborghini Surprise, the Dog Sled Surprise, and the Horse and Carriage Surprise.

On an ordinary day, your mobile will not connect with puppies, sled dogs or a horse-drawn carriage, but Qualcomm is not just selling the convenience of its mobiles with this stunt. It’s selling fantasies.

I have no idea what the marketing stunt did for mobile sales, but as storytelling I’m sure it worked well. The compilation ad below, “Best Bus Stop Ever”, has had over 1.5 million hits as of February 24, 2013.

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